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Evaro Transition

Evaro Transition

Evaro Transition supports school leavers to transition from school and school programmes to adulthood services and programmes. The service started in 2008 and in the initial year focused on developing the framework for the service as well as good quality planning to best support each individual as they transition from school into adult programmes and services.

What schools do you work with?

All schools with in the greater Wellington Region.

How does Evaro Transition work?

Evaro Transition supports the student and their family/whanau to find positive life outcomes beyond secondary school.

During transition an individual student receives support, through planning, to identify and achieve – or move closer – to their career and lifestyle aspirations. This planning is detailed in an Individual Career Plan or ICP. ICPs cover employment and financial independence, community participation, home and living arrangements, independent mobility, peer relationships, sexuality and self-esteem.

Who can sign up for Transition?

Transition is available to secondary school students who are funded by the Ongoing Resource Scheme (ORS) and are about to enter their final year of school.

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